Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Product" Rave: Green Garlic

One of my favorite signs of spring: green garlic.

I fell in love with green garlic two years ago, with my first box of vegetables from our CSA, Hog's Back Farm. I had never heard of green garlic before but immediately found a number of ways to put it to use.

Our CSA does not start until next week, delayed due to our chilly spring, but I am sure hoping green garlic makes an appearance.

Today at our Co-op, I was thrilled to see locally-grown green garlic available for only $1.29 a bunch.

I chopped it and sprinkled it over my green salad. Use it as you would scallions-- green garlic is similar, it just has a little garlic flavor.

Good luck finding some, and if you do, enjoy!


Insomniac said...

Huh. Never heard of this stuff. I'll keep my eye out for it!

Rachel said...

Ive never heard of green garlic before! When I saw the picture, I was thinking it was green onions with garlic, but I didnt see any garlic. Very interesting. I will have to keep my eyes peeled.

Liz and Richard said...

Hi Liz - I think we call these wild garlic or ramps? Do they have wide leaves that look sort of like Lily of the Valley? Not the same as we had in Hong Kong, I don't think....but delicious!

I have a great risotto recipe - would you like it?

Your Ravello pictures are lovely!

Liz from Toronto