Friday, March 10, 2006

Tasty Travels: Amsterdam and Paris

When most people think of Amsterdam, they think of the red light district-- pot and prostitutes. OK, it exists. But it's a shame that Amsterdam is most known for that, when it's full of world class museums, beautiful canals, and great food!

One specialty you should try is Rijstaffel, or Indonesian Rice Table, a Dutch Colonial version of the Indonesian dinner.

We headed to Sama Sebo for ours, and it was delicious! Make sure to make a reservation for dinner this small establishment.

On to Paris...

As a 21-year old backpacker, I visited this fondue restaurant. I was excited to take Tim there upon my return to Paris. It is not the most Parisian experience- ok, hardly at all- but it's really, really fun!

Refuge des Fondus
17, rue des Trois Frères 75018
Tel: 01-42-55-22-65
Wine is served in baby bottles- red or white- something about a tax on wine served by the glass?!?Mmmm.... cheese fondue!
On another day, we took a bike tour of the Palace of Versailles. Part of the tour included a stop at this local market in Versailles to pick up supplies for our picnic.