Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TWD: Lemon French Yogurt Cake

Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction chose this week's recipe and will be posting it on her blog.

I skipped the optional marmalade glaze because I didn't want it to be too sticky. It was a simple, delicious bread, sort of like a lemon pound cake. It would be a nice thing to take to a friend's home or to serve to overnight guests.

This was easy to make. I used a dark metal pan, and my loaf didn't seem to rise as much as others. It was also done earlier than the recipe described.

I am a little late posting this because... I am lazy. I baked this on Sunday but didn't get the photo uploaded in time. Whoops!

Tim's Rating: 8.5/10
Liz's Rating: 8/10

Next week on TWD: Blueberry Crumb Cake (!)


Tracey said...

Your cake looks lovely! I enjoyed this one too!

VeggieGirl said...

No worries!! Glad you still made it :-)

Liliana said...

I love the texture of your cake! I am glad you liked the cake. Thanks for stopping by.

Jaime said...

sticky can sometimes be good! ;)