Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tim Raves: Hennepin Beer from the Ommegang Brewery

Tim is obsessed with this beer. He was very very excited to see it at a new local restaurant, and last weekend I found it at our local liquor store just in time for March Madness.

He told me that "this is so good, you should put it on the blog!"

We're off to Vegas for the weekend! I hope everyone is enjoying March Madness and the spring weather.


Kerry said...

DH loves Ommegang as well. On a visit to my aunt's in NY the summer of 2007 we did a tour of the brewery. A lot of fun (and free!) if you're near there.

Erin said...

Oh yes. The weather has been beautiful, hasn't it?? ;) I actually do like rainy spring days, but it's a little too cold for my liking.

We have that deli on our list, and I'm telling Ben about the beer!

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

Have fun in Vegas.

Dunc said...

I would totally be excited about March Madness if I had actually bothered to fill out a bracket so that I felt remotely invested in a given team along the way....whoops.

Kelly said...

I have been lurking here since the last big posting of people's blogs on MM, but I had to tell you that my Tim is also obsessed with pretty much all beer from Ommegang Brewery. We stocked piled when we found it for reasonable at a Wegman's up north. Maybe it's a Tim thing?

Kelly (kelly72206)