Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tasty Travels: Thailand

Our first new food in Thailand: coconut puffs. They were very yummy! Our guide Tong ordered them from a street vendor through the van window. Thai Fast Food!The famous floating market:
Tong and her "Thai Starbucks!"
Fried bananas, anyone?
How about some chicken wings?This noodle soup was my favorite food item of my entire time in Asia. SO GOOD!Clockwise from top left: fish coated in shrimp paste and then fried, prawns, whole fin fish in tamarind sauce, fresh crab:

Close-up of prawns and whole fish in tamarind sauce:
Close-up of fish coated in shrimp paste and crabs:Tamarind Soup with sea catfish, green beans, and a vegetable similar to morning-glory.
Fried spring rolls:
Prawns with chili and fried basil (very spicy!):
Prawns with lemon sauce:
Mango and sticky rice:

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