Monday, March 10, 2008

Tasty Travels: Hong Kong

Some dishes we tried during our three days in Hong Kong:

Our hotel had an amazing buffet breakfast, with both Western and Asian items.The Chinese options: noodles, glutinous rice dumpling with chicken and pork steamed in a lotus leaf, and beef dumpling.Here are a few photos of the inside of the glutinous rice dumpling... It was really good. Of course, I seem to like anything made with glutinous ("sticky") rice!
I also had a bowl of plain rice congee. There were four different toppings: salted peanuts, sliced scallions, crushed tortilla chips (?) and something that looked like fish. I tried the first two. Congee tastes like... maybe cream of wheat? I don't know, basically warm breakfast cereal. It's not bad. I am glad I could try it.
Lunch at Ned Kelly's, an Australian Pub:
Nachos... We have seen nachos made with doritos (instead of tortilla chips) in other countries, too!
A broiled, open-face Hawaiian sandwich-- it was really, really good! Ham, pineapple, and swiss:

Lunch at The Yellow Door Kitchen:
We started with dumplings in chili sauce. They were delicious, as was the spicy sauce.
This dish was air-dried ham with garlic stems. The server dropped it off, and we waited to eat it until I had taken a photo, but right after I took the photo, the server re-directed it to our neighboring table. We ordered sliced pork with garlic stems. It was delicious as well. I am looking forward to the green garlic from our CSA this year!This dish was also good, and spicy! Sliced beef with breadcrumbs was served on a bed of shredded scallions.

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